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Apply for a medical card today!

Supurb has partnered with Green Health Docs to offer same-day doctor certification so you can apply for your medical card right away! This can be done 100% online so you can talk to a doctor and get certified from home.

Get your medical card in 3 easy steps

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Book an Appointment

Schedule an appointment with the online scheduler below. Green Health Docs offers same-day appointments.

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Talk to a Doctor Virtually

A Green Health Docs certified doctor will determine whether you qualify for a medical card after a quick 10-15 minute evaluation.

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Get Your Card

Once approved by the doctor, Green Health Docs can assist you with the submittal of your application & doctor approval to the state.

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Supurb verified to ensure you’re seen by the best!

  • Doctor Founded & Operated
  • Certification Experience
  • Convenient Appointments
  • Same-day approval
  • Available 7 days a week, 12 hours per day
  • No Surprise Fees or Upsells
  • All medical conditions qualify

Calculate your savings as a medical card holder!

Still debating whether or not to apply or renew? Here’s a few more benefits of owning a medical card:

  • The excise tax for the AZ is 16% for adult use marijuana. Medical Patients do not have to worry about paying this tax. On average, a recreational patient spends $500-$2500 a year. If they simply became a medical patient, they could save $80-$400 a year! 
  • Arizona employers cannot refuse to hire, fire, or otherwise penalize a job candidate or employee because the person is a registered medical marijuana cardholder except if: A failure to discriminate against the medical marijuana cardholder would cause an employer to lose a monetary or licensing related benefit under federal law or regulations.
  • Currently, Arizona law does not have any level of metabolites or marijuana components that establishes impairment.  This means an employer cannot act solely on the results of a positive drug test if the employee is a registered cardholder.

*These statements are not legal advice, please consult an Attorney if you need legal advice

How much is it to apply for or renew my medical card?

Medical Pricing Breakdown