Oasis North Dispensary

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Supurb?

Supurb is an on-demand delivery technology that connects patients with nearby dispensaries to help them get their medicine delivered in a fast, professional and convenient manner. Supurb is cannabis delivered.

How do I order?

Ordering is as easy as signing up and getting verified. Supurb’s automated process allows each patient the comfort of becoming verified right from their mobile device, pc, or tablet. Once the patient is verified ordering is as simple as entering a delivery address into the home screen after logging in. Or if you prefer you can save an address into your profile.

What happens after I submit an order?

Once you submit an order you will receive an SMS text from us confirming your order has been placed. The order is sent to the dispensary pending approval. Whether your order is approved or denied you will receive another notification from us letting you know the outcome.

Do I need to be verified to place an order?


How long does it take to get verified?

Becoming a patient no time at all to create and minutes to approve.

Can I order medical marijuana if I don’t have a state issued medical marijuana card?

No, you must obtain a doctor’s recommendation then apply for your Arizona MMJ card.

Can I order if my phone number isn’t accepted during signup?

If your number isn’t accepting while creating your acount please contact us for assistance. Or, if you have a phone that is a land line or does not receive text messages you can reach out to us as well at info@supurb.com and we will help verify your account for you. Please note that you will be unable to receive updated ETAs via SMS but can monitor your ETA through your profile.

Do you accept debit/credit cards?

Unfortunately not at this time. All deliveries are Cash only and are paid at the time of delivery.

Do the dispensary driver’s carry change?

Supurb takes the driver’s safety very seriously. Because of this driver’s DO NOT carry any extra medical marijuana on them and have only $25.00 in excess cash on hand. Please try to have exact change.

Is my personal information secure?

Yes, the information stored on Supurb complies with HIPAA and AMMA regulations to ensure that we take the utmost care and pride to protect you at all times.

Do you accept health insurance?


Can I get my delivery anywhere?

Just about! You don’t have to be at your home to request a delivery. Whether you’re on the go or just about anywhere we will deliver to you. As long as you are within the current delivery service area. We prohibit deliveries to schools, parks, churches, and a couple other places. If you would like to find out if you can get a delivery to a specific location please submit an inquiry in our Connect With Us page.

Can I get a delivery from any dispensary I want?

Our mission is to make sure you receive your medicine in the fastest, convenient, and affordable manner. This is why we connect you with the closest dispensary within the Supurb delivery network.

Why do I have a delivery fee?

Supurb offers free delivery if a patient reaches a certain amount requested for delivery. However, a small delivery fee will be applied for all orders under these amounts.

Do I need to tip my delivery driver?

Tips are not required but definitely appreciated by dispensaries driver.

Are there refunds/returns/exchanges?

This is determined by the dispensary who delivered your medical marijuana. If the dispensary allows any of these they must be taken place at the dispensaries location. Supurb will not deliver any exchanges, returns or refunds.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you are able to cancel an order at any time in your profile leading up to the hour before your order is scheduled to be dispatched from the dispensary.