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Medical Weed Delivery In Scottsdale

Supurb is an online marketplace connecting consumers with licensed dispensaries to deliver medical marijuana products to their location.

Get Same-day delivery in Scottsdale

Supurb offers medical weed delivery to Scottsdale and surrounding areas! Find dispensaries in your area and order from the largest selection of products in the valley, including oils, gummies, candies, vapes, dabs, buds and smokables. Depending on the dispensary, you also may be able to order products such as bath bombs or candles. Get cannabis delivered to you from your favorite dispensaries near you from one of our weed drivers. Placing an order for medical weed home delivery is quick and easy once your medical marijuana card is verified. Cannabis delivery is currently available to medical card holders, by law, and will be available for recreation customers in 2023.

Just enter your delivery address to see which dispensaries deliver in your area. Compared dispensaries by deals and distance to you. You can decide to choose a closer dispensary to get your medical weed order delivery quicker, or a different dispensary based on which products and deals you like most. It’s up to you!

Obtaining a medical marijuana card is necessary if you want to use our services in Arizona, per current laws. If you have questions about this process, refer to our FAQ page to learn more. You can also apply your card 100% online when you visit our Medical Card Certification page. Of course, you can always reach out and talk to us if you want more information about our service.

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